Public Speaking and Debating

Our Public Speaking classes are designed to increase students’ love of speaking and develop their speaking, improvisation and presentation skills. Our experienced teachers will lead students through what it means to be a good public speaker, encouraging them to use what they learn through fun activities and practicing speeches. The class aims to increase every student’s confidence in themselves and their confidence when speaking, and teach them a valuable skill that will be essential for their future. Our classes also teach students how to debate, helping them to learn the rules of debating and allowing them to practice their debating skills through practical application.

image of public speaking

The importance of public speaking has been increasing over the years, and every child will find that in the future, they will be expected to speak in front of peers, teachers and even colleagues in various settings. KE Academy strives to provide children with the skills and abilities necessary to deal with and excel in these situations, in order to help them achieve the best that they can in life.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be confident in performing impromptu speeches
  • Be able to perform fluent speeches in front of large crowds
  • Be able to debate and gather appropriate evidence regardless of which side of the team the students are placed in.
  • Learn the proper manner involved when performing speeches