GA and Singapore Mathematics

General Ability & Singapore Mathematics

Maths is a cornerstone of every child’s education, and in our Maths & GA course, we aim to improve childrens’ maths abilities in all areas. Our course aims to increase students’ maths abilities and improve their understanding of mathematical concepts, helping them to better perform in maths at school. We also encourage the development of critical, logical and mathematical thinking, which all lead to better problem solving abilities.

Through mental maths, we aim to increase our students’ speed and efficiency when answering simple questions, allowing them to perform increasingly complex calculations mentally and with greater speed. Our curriculum covers various areas of maths, such as geometry, probability and algebra. Students learn to calculate and solve equations using fractions, decimals and percentages. Despite not being taught at schools, GA is a significant part of exams like OC and Selective, as well high school entry exams. It is crucial to teach GA young in order to change the way your child approaches new and difficult problems. Our course allows children to practice an array of different GA questions and learn strategies on how to deal with them.