Reading & Creative Writing

Writing is a skill that many students struggle with, and KE Academy’s Reading & Writing class is tailored to help students to understand how to think and write creatively and improve their skills in these areas. Writing is a skill that everyone will need, no matter what they do in the future, and it is crucial for children to know how to write well. The skills that we teach are also essential for performing well in examinations such as NAPLAN, OC and Selective. At KE Academy, we also encourage your child to read and expand their knowledge.

Our Reading & Writing curriculum includes reading comprehension, grammar skills and writing practice, designed to increase student’s knowledge in all aspects of English, and allow students to write high-quality texts with thought and consideration. Students learn how to analyse different types of texts and answer questions regarding these texts, and improve their grammar knowledge. They also learn all the steps and elements of writing various creative texts, especially narratives, and develop their creative thinking skills as they explore writing. We also aim to improve the overall calibre of students’ writing, encouraging them to produce polished works of high quality. Our course also covers other types of writing, such as poetry and persuasive writing, all which contribute to the improvement of our student’s writing ability.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the similarities and differences in different writing styles
  • Become familiar with the structure of each writing style
  • Improve the fluency of writing
  • Be able to creatively design a writing piece using different types of prompts and scenarios