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About the NSW Creative Kids Program

Starting from 2019, the NSW Government is helping kids to be creative with its new program. We are proud to become a registered activity provider, making school-aged kids easier to be involved in our Public Speaking and Debating, STEAM, Coding, Creative Writing, Drama, and Languages courses with the $100 rebate voucher.

The program runs year-round, so it’s a great opportunity for now to let kids find their passion and learn new skills. For further details, please visit the official government’s website:

How to Apply for the $100 Voucher?

If you would like to claim the rebate voucher for our program, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, we will be unable to claim and apply the credit to fees in 2019.

Step 1: Go to

screenshot for applying a creative kids voucher

For security reasons, you will have to apply via Service NSW.

Step 2: During the online instructions, you are required to provide your Photo ID such as driver license, your address, and the Medicare card details to verify your child’s identity.

verify identity document screenshot

student identity verification screenshot

Step 3: After completing the details, you will receive a voucher. You will also receive an email with the application details.

creative kids example voucher screenshot

Please keep your voucher details as you are required to provide the voucher during enrollment for your $100 rebate.