KE Academy collaborates with an excellent and well-known law firm that is founded for 12 years. This new drama course can be said to be “deliberately long” for the preparations. The screening of teachers and the arrangement of the courses are all repeated and verified by the team, aiming to give the children the best class experience and the most effective learning outcome.

This program is suitable for children over four years old. By providing three different levels according to the age and the maturity of language skills (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced), we help every child to develop their potentials.

All of our instructors have a law background. With several years of work experience in law fields, and their own life experiences, that makes the drama course logically rigorous, rich in content, but easy to enjoy.

The highlight of this course will be the precise use of language during the process of drama education. This will help the children with equipping the necessary skills in public performances.

Most importantly, our teaching team guides children to the precise use of language throughout the drama education process, which will be a highlight of the course, and also provide a strong faculty for the children’s public performance in the future.

Image for drama class

Image for drama class