At KE Academy, every child’s learning plan is UNIQUE

At KE Academy, our mission is to provide an engaging environment for young children. We believe in building academic confidence and inspiring a love for learning. Every child’s learning plan is unique. Our curriculum helps children achieve school readiness in all areas of academic and social learning. Through intentional teaching practices, our teachers ensure children have joyful and meaningful learning experiences that lead to success in school and in their whole life.

Our Program

Coding and Scratch
Unleash your child’s creativity with our Coding and Game Design (Scratch) program! Kids are empowered to go beyond consuming digital media and technology to actually creating it. Instead of just playing video games, they get to design and develop their own. Through coding, children learn to break down complex problems into manageable parts, fostering logical and computational thinking. These skills are invaluable not only in school and work but also in everyday life.

3D Printing and STEAM
Immerse your child in the fascinating world of 3D printing and STEAM. Students will learn the entire process of 3D printing, from design to the creation of the final product. They’ll also explore how this technology can revolutionize various industries. Our STEAM classes offer a hands-on approach, blending science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics in a fun and engaging way. Students will build and construct various projects, working in teams to solve real-world problems.

Creative Writing
Our Creative Writing Program is designed to enhance students’ ability to weave words into compelling and entertaining pieces. Students will experiment with different writing styles, including narratives, poems, and speeches, producing a diverse array of works. Integrated with our Reading Program, students will draw inspiration from various texts, enriching their vocabulary and writing techniques. They will learn to craft sophisticated texts with creative plots and engaging language.

Languages (French and Mandarin)
Our language courses in French and Mandarin start with the basics, building a strong foundation before moving on to everyday phrases essential for conversation. Students will also learn to read and write in these languages, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and ability to communicate effectively.

Public Speaking and Debating
In our Public Speaking and Debating classes, students will refine their speaking skills, focusing on presentation and speech structuring. Debating teaches them to support their arguments with solid evidence, emphasizing persuasion and accuracy. These skills are crucial for effective communication and winning arguments.

After School Program
Our After School Program offers sessions that combine learning with fun. Through hands-on experiments in STEAM and coding, children grasp theoretical concepts practically. We broaden their horizons with lessons in astronomy and biology, and enhance their social skills through speech and foreign language classes.

Talented Start Programs
Our Talented Start Programs cater to preschoolers, promoting coordination and cognitive development. We introduce language, numeracy, arts, problem-solving, and social skills in a structured yet nurturing environment, tailored to each child’s unique needs.

Ready For Kindy
Prepare your child for a smooth transition to kindergarten with our Ready For Kindy program. We focus on developing independence in a structured setting, enhancing their phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, and basic reading and writing skills. Children will also learn essential math skills, including number recognition, patterns, sorting, and basic arithmetic.

Weekend Program
Our Weekend Program is designed to unlock your child’s potential, giving them the opportunity to grow and nurture their ideas. It’s a time for discovery and development, offering a range of activities to stimulate their curiosity and creativity.

Our programs make sure you get the best education for your kids


Monday – Saturday
9.30am – 6.30pm